Wholehouse Water Filters

A home water filter system is designed to purify all water entering your house. This means that healthier, safer and better tasting water can be used for drinking, washing and cooking.

Benefits of a WholehousTwin wholehouse Water Filter housings 10e Water Filter System

By installing a water filter system for home you can remove unwanted chemicals such as Chlorine and Chloramine found in your tap water. Other contaminants such as heavy metals, sediment, rust and dirt is also removed. For areas that suffer with hard water, a home water filter system can produce softer water to prevent limescale build up and skin problems like eczema.

Each whole of house water filter system should be designed to meet the intended water quality problem. For example, for rainwater treatment, filtration and treatment combinations in the house water filter system must improve the taste, remove sediment and protect against bacteria.

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