Caravan Water FiltersInline Caravan Water Filter

Caravan Water Filters and RV Water Filters are designed to deliver purified water that is safe for drinking and healthy for showering whilst you’re on your travels.

Types of Caravan Water Filter

There are two main types of Caravan Water Filters – Inline Water Filters for Caravans and Undersink Water Filters for Caravans.

Inline Water filters For Caravans

Inline Water Filters For Caravans and RVs are installed directly onto a water line outside or inside your caravan or RV. They are an enclosed filter with fittings on both ends suitable for the type of hose, tubing, or braided lines you are using.

Undersink Water Filters For Caravans

Undersink Water Filters For Caravans and RVs are compact systems designed to purify water so that it is suitable for drinking. As the name suggests, these are installed under the sink and come with different filter cartridge combinations to suit the intended application. For example, chemicals and contaminants such as Chlorine, Chloramines, Fluoride and Heavy Metals can be removed if your caravan is connected to tap water. If your caravan is connected to tank water or bore water we would recommend installing a system that does not allow bacteria to pass or that kills the bacteria such as a UV Water Filter.

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